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Do you want to be?

  • Ready to take on the social season

  • Implementing boundaries with friends and family

  • Able to take on the end of year deadlines at work

  • Feeling empowered going into the New Year

  • Ready to tackle your 2023 goals

  • Waking up generally feeling lighter and excited for the day and your life

  • Creating healthy habits and routines to take you into 2023

  • Ready to take the next step in your career in 2023

  • Prepared for the festive season with all the tools to get rid of any negative thinking

  • Able to stop overthinking everything

Do you want to feel?

  • Full of self-confidence, self-belief, and high self-esteem

  • Happy and content that you are good enough

  • Self-assured and trusting your own decisions

  • Empowered and positive

  • Like you can say goodbye to self-doubt

  • Just generally calmer!

Then start now! Don’t wait for ‘New Year, New Me’ – get ahead of the game and go into the festive season and the New Year feeling full of confidence and ready to tackle your 2023 goals!

My 12 week programme will take
you perfectly up to Christmas!*

We will cover

  • Getting really clear on your goals and what you want out of life

  • Identifying how you might be holding yourself back

  • Transforming deep-rooted negative beliefs

  • Dealing with negative energy, emotions and self-talk

  • Reconnecting with who you are, what makes you tick and what makes you happy

  • Managing your time, energy and boundaries with others

  • Creating an action plan that actually feels good

  • Mapping out the steps you need to take to reach your goals

  • Giving you the tools to deal with setbacks and how to move forward once we’ve finished working together

*Can be spread over 4 months if you can’t fit in all the sessions in time


Twelve 1 hour 1:1 coaching sessions

Session recordings

Personalised worksheets and resources

Messaging support between sessions whenever you need it

**can be spread over 4 months at no additional cost

No obligation 30 minute connection call

To find out more about the programme

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